I would like to welcome all ages, persuasions and nationalities to my site offering ART, HISTORY and DESIGN tours and excursions in PRAGUE!

My name is Damyan, I’m a young tour guide in Prague for individuals or small groups. I am also an experienced artist and designer. My broad interest and passion for Arts, Architecture and Design (along with 12 years education on the Painting and Interior Design faculties, Bacalaureate Degree in History of Arts) allows me to share it with you during the exciting tours I’ve prepared for you in the Unique City of Prague!

Are you tired of average quality crowded tours and excursions with little personal attention, tourist restaurants with average food at high prices, commercial clubs charging crazy drinks prices?…

Do you find it hard to organize your visiting schedule to the places of interest of Prague, and you want to economize, get THE BEST out of your journey exploring the rich Cultural, Artistic and Historical City without hassle, stress, confusion and worry?

SAVE money and enjoy the unusual non touristy experiences and places by using the friendly services of a local tour organizer – DAMYAN, who will guide you to the best places where you can get the best value according to your time frame and interests!

Looking for a beautiful, historic, liberal and reasonably priced central European city to visit and enjoy? Look no further….come to Prague and I will show you some of the less well-known places of interest, museums, clubs and restaurants. Prague is easy to walk around but also has an excellent tram system and even a metro if speed is your priority.

Czech Republic is one of the most liberal countries in European Union and has a very laid-back attitude for people with all kinds of life style and offers a big variety of services and facilities! So I guaranty that YOU will find in Prague with Damyan’s friendly advice and assistance anything your heart desires! Feel free to ask.

The Czech lands have a rich history and have been under the reigns of big civilizations and empires as: Roman Empire, Habsburg Austrian Reign, Austro-Hungarian Empire, German Occupation, Russian Communist Regime, Czechoslovak Republic. The Romanic, Germanic and Slavic influences have crystallized the present “CZECH Architecture“.

Prague is a UNIQUE City in many ways and aspects. Let’s just take the architectural aspect and it’s values which are hard to overestimate. As Prague is one of the few cities of Europe which didn’t suffer much from the both World Wars, it offers to its visitors one of the biggest “collections” of architectural styles per square km. in Europe : Middle Centuries Architecture and Early Gothic Style ; Postmodernist, Structuralist to Futuristic architecture. Beautiful churches with opulent decorations favouring Baroque and Classicist styles. Warm Romanesque rotundas and chapels sinking between the new Modern buildings. The Byzantine influences are noticed in the Renaissance and Flamboyant Gothic interiors. The Art Nouveau (Jugendstil) style marks the romantic period after the Rococo, followed by the monumental Art Deco and Modernism styles. In the “Heart of Europe” the Brutalist and Stalinist russian architecture neighbours with notorious Deconstructivist and Minimalist glass, concrete and iron silhouettes.

Prague panorama with it’s abundancy of contrastant multi-style buildings opens a harmonious and rich structure reminiscent to a multi-coloured tapestry. Prague has become one of the main destinations for the lovers of Art Nouveau and Gothic architecture as well as the numerous artists, architects and designers from all over the world.

I’m sure you would love to walk around the historical Old Town district, taste Original Czech Food, enjoy the famous golden czech beer, see the unforgettable romantical sites of the Prague Castle and The Charles Bridge, gaze at colourful sunsets over the river. Allow me to help you discover the authentic spirit of Czech and European Culture in its numerous Museums, Exhibitions, Fairs, Concerts. That’s just the daytime……at night I can show you the best value or quality (depending on your budget) restaurants to suit your taste, meet some locals in the friendly bars or even dance the night away in the best disco/night-clubs of the Czech Capital!

Check out here some of the Prague Places of Interest and Views in my: PRAGUE GALLERY

I want to share with you my passion and love of this marvelous city and take you to some places that you may have missed. I’ve done a wide cultural, artistic and service research and I’ve crystallized TOP 100 PRAGUE PLACES of INTEREST you should not miss! I offer and suggest:

  • – a very friendly, personalized service and guiding to non-touristy sites, Art and Design places of interest
  • – quality tours with historical facts, details and legends of Prague
  • – assistance with detailed information about any aspect of Prague City
  • – Unique Tours you won’t find anywhere else in Prague (“Wonder-Full Statues”, “Art Nouveau”, “Postmodern & Contemporary Design”)
  • 100 places of interests for Custom Tours
  • – booking the most suitable Hotels, Pensions and Apartments
  • – book the best restaurants in Prague to suit your taste and budget
  • – guide to city breaks , cafes, bars, pubs, night/disco clubs
  • – accompaign in journeys in  towns of interest of Czech Republic: Kutna Hora, Cesky Krumlov, Karolovy Vary, Marianske Lazne. (neighbour countries on request)

By the end of the Tour,  you will get a PLEASANT SOUVENIR from Damyan that will remind you of Prague and Czech Heritage long time after you will get back home. (Even if you book several tours with Damyan, each time you’ll get a different, original gift!)

present from damyan. Prague tours.excursions.

My flexible schedule and friendly attitude offers the best services to suit your needs and time frame. You can use my services by the hour, day etc. according to your preferences.

Languages: Guided Tours in English and French.

Prices:  The Official currency of Czech Republic is the Crown (Kc) (Koruna Ceska)  (not Euro yet).
20 Kc = 1 USD
27 Kc
= 1 Euro

Dependent on exact services required and number of persons but as a guideline from  500 Kc per hour (Euros.20-). Special rates for small groups, advanced administration and bookings assistance, longer tours.

If you book the tour directly from Damyan you get a Special price:
1 person – 500 Kc/hr
2 persons – 350 Kc/hr
3 persons – 300 Kc/hr (each)
4 persons – 250 Kc/hr (each)

Contact David:

E-mail:  davideif@hotmail.co.uk

BOOK as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment and allow me to help you get the most from your trip. If I don’t reply to your e-mail in 48 hours, the possible problem could be that the letter got into junk or got lost on the way. In this case please send one more e-mail or feel free to call. Thanks

Phone: +420 775 671 434  (Please call or sms between 9:00 – 23:00 Prague Time, Central European Standard Time = GMT+1, Central European Summer Time = GMT+2)